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Purpose of the site

The information on the website is of a general nature. Therefore it is not aimed at specific or personal situations, and cannot be considered legal, professional or personal advice to the user.

If you need personal or specific advice, please consult the competent departments of the FPS Social Security. The information officer will probable be able to help you finding the competent department or person within the FPS Social Security.

It is important to emphasise that the information and documents, which are available on or via the portal site, cannot be considered to be authentic reproductions of official texts. Only official texts published in the Moniteur Belge (the official Belgian legal journal) are the authentic versions. In the event of differences between the electronic version and the printed text, the official printed text published in the Moniteur Belge will always take precedence.

Content and availability of the site

The FPS Social Security has taken great care to ensure that the information provided is complete, correct, exhaustive and up-to-date. Despite these efforts, there may still be errors in the information that is made available to you. If the information provided on or via the website contains errors, or if certain information is unavailable on or via the website, the FPS Social Security will do its utmost to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

The FPS Social Security has also taken great care to ensure that, as far as possible, access to the site will not be interrupted as a result of technical problems. However, the FPS Social Security cannot guarantee that the website will be completely free from interruptions or that it will not be affected by other technical problems.

If you discover errors in the information provided on the website, or if you wish to ask any questions on this subject, you can contact the public service concerned. If you do not know which public service this involves you can contact the FPS Social Security.

The website of the Directorate General War Victims may contain links to the websites of other authorities or organisations, over which the FPS Social Security has no control, either from the point of view of the content or the technical functioning of the site. Therefore the FPS Social Security cannot offer any guarantee that the content of these websites will be exhaustive or accurate, nor can it guarantee their availability.

The FPS Social Security accepts no liability for direct or indirect damage caused as a result of referring to or using the website or the information available on the websites to which the site refers.


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