Frequently asked questions

As a victim of racial persecution

My parents died in deportation for racial reasons and/or I went into hiding in order to escape racial persecutions. What am I entitled to?

The Law of 11 April 2003 introduced measures in favour of victims of racial persecutions: a personal annuity equal to an increased pension for defaulters for 4 six-month periods may be awarded to persons:

  • whose father and mother were deported from Belgium as a consequence of the racial persecutions of the occupying force and died in deportation
  • or who, because of the measures of racial persecution of the occupying force, were forced to live clandestinely.

You thereto have to send a personally signed letter, together with sufficient proofs, by registered mail to:

Federal Public Service Social Security
Directorate-General War Victims
Service “Pensions - Law 11 April 2003”
Square de l'Aviation 31
B-1070 Brussels
Contact: Mrs Vanhoudt
Tel.: 02/528.91.25
Fax: 02/528.91.22

Which other benefits am I entitled to?

If you have been awarded a pension as an orphan or because you have lived clandestinely on the basis of the Law of 11 April 2003, you can also be entitled to the reimbursement of the personal share in medical costs by the National Institute for Veterans-National Institute for War Invalids, War Veterans and War Victims, Boulevard du Régent 45-46, B-1000 Brussels (Tel.: 02 / 227.63.00 – Fax: 02 / 227.63.31) and to free public transport on the basis of a certificate issued by the Directorate-General War Victims.

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