Frequently asked questions

National recognition

Can I still apply for a national recognition status?

By virtue of the Law of 16 January 2006, persons who have not applied for recognition until now or who only obtained an honorary recognition by virtue of the Law of 26 January 1999, can apply for recognition in or more statuses (except for persons who joined the recruitment centres of the Belgian army and hidden Jewish children).

The application should be send by registered mail to the Directorate-General War Victims, Statuses Service, Square de l'Aviation 31, B-1070 Brussels.

Proofs do not yet have to be joined to this application.

Our service will then send the applicants a questionnaire which they have to fill in as completely as possible and which they have to send back with sufficient proofs.

Which benefits can I receive when I now apply for a status and when I am recognised?

When you are now recognised by virtue of the Law of 16 January 2006, you are entitled to:

For more information concerning the statuses and the benefits, please do not hesitate to contact or tel.: 02 / 528.91.81

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